Tina Wainscott

Wild Ties

The Justiss Alliance, Book 4
Written Musings (March 9, 2021)

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Book 4 in The Justiss Alliance series

A childhood tragedy scarred Knox’s heart, leaving him emotionally numb. Joining the SEALs, and now the Justiss Alliance, gave him a higher purpose he desperately needed. He has no problem taking risks; in fact, he’s been accused of taking too many in an attempt to atone for his past. But posing as the husband of Vivi, fellow Justiss operative, to investigate human trafficking at a BDSM therapy club in New Orleans might be his riskiest op yet.

Vivi has no use for men, not after being sexually harassed when she was a cop. No one else knows the darker reason behind her aversion to all things sensual, and all men sexy. She and Knox have annoyed each other from the beginning, so pretending to be his rigid wife in a troubled marriage is as real as it gets. But seeking sexual therapy from the club’s Russian psychologist is way out of Vivi’s comfort zone.

That is, though, the essence of Svetlana’s therapy: putting two disconnected people into sexual scenes that stretch their boundaries—and break their walls. And she’s good. Because as they investigate the club’s dark ties to a Russian human trafficking ring, Vivi and Knox fall deep into the charade of two damaged people sensually and emotionally connecting in wild ways…