Tina Wainscott

I’d Kill for That

I'd Kill for That

St. Martins Press (May 19, 2004)
ISBN-13: 9782702891001 ♦ ISBN-10: 2702891004

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A “novel” concept in novels. Experience the serial novel, where thirteen authors wrote one book together.  Marcia Talley, the creator of the storyline and characters, handed the basics to the first author, who wrote her chapter, and then it went to the next author, who added her own twists and turns in chapter two, and then turned it over to another author…well, you get the idea.  In the end, we have a fun, rollicking tale of murder and mayhem with a cast of interesting (and might I say a bit loony) characters.

Contributing authors are:
Gayle Lynds, Rita Mae Brown, Marcia Talley, Lisa Gardner, Linda Fairstein, Kay Hooper, Kathy Reichs, Julie Smith, Heather Graham, Jennifer Crusie, Tina Wainscott, Anne Perry and Katherine Neville.

About the story:
On the banks of the scenic Truxton River, nestled in rolling woodlands just minutes away from our nation’s capital, lies Gryphon Gate. Drawn to its breathtaking view of the Chesapeake Bay, Henry Drysdale selected this waterfront location to create a premier gated community where the affluent and privileged residents live, work and play. Tempers flare when Vanessa, Henry’s ex-, decides to build Forest Glen, a 300-unit condominium development on an adjoining tract of land. The Gryphon Gate town meeting disintegrates into a free-for-all as environmentalists, developers, residents and the media clash. Then the violence turns ugly—a body is found in a sand trap off the 6th tee. Called in to head the investigation, Police Captain Diane Robards races against the clock to sort her allies from her enemies, as together she and an oddball cast of characters attempt to uncover the secrets behind the serene facade of Gryphon Gate and unmask a dangerous and ruthless killer.

Praise & Reviews

“Each chapter flows smoothly into the next so that it feels like one author wrote this tale. Marcia Talley and her dozen cohorts deserve kudos for this successful project.” —Midwest Book Review

A thoroughly enjoyable tale.” —Booklist

A diverting tale of murder among the social elite…” —Publishers Weekly

“Each contributor plants the seeds of skullduggery and suspicion so generously and harvests the earlier copr so conscientiously that the story miraculously avoids the besetting sin of such productions: contradiction and incoherence.” —Kirkus

A spicy, witty whodunit.” —Baltimore Sun

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