Tina Wainscott

PRAISE for Wild Ways

Funtastic and thrilling read, with a slightly darker edge than the first book in the Justice Alliance series!!  A very exciting, action-packed, sexy and sultry story with a good close look at some of the other Justiss Alliance operatives I am sure we will be seeing in future installments. I will be keeping my eye open, because there are some interesting characters I would LOVE to get to know better!!  A fast, dangerous, stirring and provocative ride! – Ripe for Reader blogspot

WILD WAYS is a contemporary, suspense romance that is a cross between the newly popular SEAL and Motorcycle Club (MC) sub-genre of romance novels. The second book in the Justiss Alliance Series, it nonetheless can easily be enjoyed on a stand-alone basis as each book focuses on a different former SEAL and his love interest. Chock-full with tons of explosive action, hot steamy scenes, and a beautiful message, this is a book that suspense/action romance lovers will not want to miss.

Julian Cuevas, a hot, Latin, world class sniper, whose nickname is “Houdini” (you can guess why), just signed on with the private security firm, The Justiss Alliance. Before he can take on his first official assignment, however, he meets Mollie Reagan.

Mollie is desperately trying to find her sister, Diana, who was last seen with outlaw biker “Brick”, a member of the infamous Kings of Chaos MC. This is the MC that is notorious for their ruthless, horrible treatment of women and other crimes, and Diana–in love with Brick and lulled into the MC’s clutches as a result of her drug addiction–is an easy target. Mollie, the perpetual caretaker, is compelled to save Diana at all costs, even when the search takes over her life and causes her to lose her job, as well as, possibly her life.

After meeting her in a bar parking lot and witnessing her determination and courage first hand, Julian insists on taking on her case “pro bono.” Mollie, who has serious trust issues due to numerous past let downs, allows Julian to join her mission, but can’t be convinced he’s in it for the long haul.

Soon their undercover operations lead them to some situations that require Julian and Mollie to act like a biker couple. I never thought a public bathroom scene, especially one where the pair is just “acting”, could be sexy, but Ms. Wainscott definitely proves me wrong in a big way! It doesn’t take long for the “acting” to turn real, leaving Julian and Mollie navigating a seriously dangerous situation with a short fuse to find Diana plus insanely huge trust issues that threaten their burgeoning romance and incredibly, hot passion for one another.

I absolutely loved WILD WAYS! This was my first experience reading Ms. Wainscott’s work and it will, no doubt, be the first of many! Ms. Wainscott is a pro at blending the perfect mix of passion, romance and action. She created an admirable hero in Julian with just the right amount of all the characteristics that make you want to fall in love with a hero. I look forward to reading and enjoying the remainder of the Justiss AllianceSeries when it is released! – The Romance Reviews

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