Tina Wainscott

Frequently Asked Questions

You seem like such a nice, normal person. How can you write books about evil, demented people?

I had a nice, normal childhood, but right from the beginning I liked to make up stories with bad guys.  I can remember running around my neighborhood with my friends dodging bad guys or shooting at them with sparking guns.  I climbed trees and big bulletin boards and loved make-believe adventure.

One thing that perhaps influenced me was the murder of my childhood friend, Molly.  Her father killed her, her mother, and her brother, and then led police on a chase before killing himself.  This in our nice, normal little neighborhood.  You just never know people.

Recently I discovered that one of my friends is a psychopath with schizophrenic tendencies.  Right under my nose, the kind of person I write about, and I didn’t even see it.  For shame.  Once that person revealed himself by trying to pull a devious scheme in the name of righteousness, I could see the characteristics.  I have read that most people will come into contact with a sociopath at some time in their lives.  Most sociopaths are not dangerous, just manipulative, egocentric, and possessing an alarming lack of empathy.  May your journey be free of someone like this.